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Recreation Committee Meeting

Date:September 11, 2018
Description:Recreation Committee
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Vistas Recreation Center - 8:30am

Recreation Committee Meeting
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Vistas Recreation Center - 8:30am

I. Homeowner Comments - All homeowners in good standing who are requesting to speak prior to the Recreation Committee Meeting being called to order must first sign in.
A. If you wish to address the committee on an item not listed on the attached agenda, please indicate the topic in the appropriate column on the sign-in sheet.

II. Call Meeting to Order – Jim Schulz, Chair
A. Roll Call and Establish Quorum

III. Review, Correction and Approval of July 10, 2018 Meeting Minutes – Pg. 1-3

IV. Recreation Centers Manager Report – Pg. 4

V. Old Business
A. Abacus Report – Pg. 5-7
B. Lakes Pool Project update – Susan Fabian
C. LRP Lakes Ballroom update – Jim Schulz

VI. New Business
A. Club Presidents Meeting November 13, 2018 – Jim Schulz
B. New Performing Arts Council (PAC) Logo – Bill Wolfe - Pg. 8

VII. Recreation Committee Liaison Reports
A. Arts & Crafts – Dina Lawther
B. Cards and Games – Marti Harper
C. Service Clubs and State Clubs – Maria Thorne
D. PAC- Max Allen
E. Sports – Mike Barnett
F. Physical Fitness – Jim Schulz

VIII. For The Good of the Order

IX. Adjourn
X. Next Meeting: October 9, 2018 – Vista’s Conference Room C

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