Date:  August 15, 2019
To: Westbrook Village Homeowners
From: WVA Board of Directors
Subject: 2019 – 2028 Long Range Plan for WVA

The Board is pleased to share the Westbrook Village Long Range Plan (2019 – 2028) with all homeowners.

The Plan was prepared by the LRP Committee over the last three years and was approved by the Board on July 24, 2019.

The Plan presents the Vision for Westbrook Village over the 10-year planning horizon and establishes six major Goals and their related strategies for achieving the Vision.

Implementation planning related to non-facility Goals in the Plan is underway in two LRP Ad Hoc Committees. Additionally, the Rec Committee and the Landscape & Facilities Committee are preparing a review of HOA facilities wants and needs which will ultimately be used to prepare a Facility Master Plan. These implementation activities are targeted for completion by December 31, 2019.

The Board welcomes your feedback on the Plan, and more importantly encourages your participation in the planning and implementation process via the HOA committee structure as we move the Plan forward to realize the Goals and the Vision.

Two facility improvement projects that have been achieved as a result of the LRP Plan process and related budgetary and financial planning are the following significant renovations to the Westbrook Village property:

  1. The Lakes Pool and surrounding social areas (opened in June 2019), and
  2. The Lakes Ballroom into a state-of-the-art multipurpose meeting facility with superb and transformative audio-visual capabilities (targeted for opening in September 2019).


Thank you,
WVA Board of Directors

Westbrook Village Community Long Range Plan 2019-2028