The Fine Arts and Learning Center houses an Art Studio, Photography Lab, Posse Station, Book & Video Library, Game & General Meeting Rooms. The “FALC” is located on Country Club Parkway next to the Vistas Rec. Center. Hours: Monday – Sunday from 7 AM – 10 PM The building is locked every day at 7 PM and later admission is with key obtained from Vistas Receptionist. The Westbrook Village Board of Directors meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month in the FALC meeting room at 8:00 AM. The meetings are open to members of Westbrook Village and/or their representatives*. **Open Meetings – Pursuant to House Bill 2177, board meetings are open to members of the Association and/or any person designated by a member in writing as the member’s representative. The member and/or the representative shall be permitted to speak at an appropriate time. The board may place reasonable time restriction on those persons speaking during the meeting but shall permit a member and/or representative to speak before the board takes formal action on an item under formal discussion in addition to other opportunities to speak. The board shall provide for a reasonable number of persons to speak on each side of an issue. Homeowners are invited and encouraged to attend these very informative meetings.**