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Dear Westbrook Village Residents,

2020 has been a year of great challenges as the Covid-19 pandemic, its restrictions and dislocations, have affected all of us. Our travel plans, visits from family and even our daily routines have been totally altered.

Your HOA has been equally affected. Providing a safe environment for our residents has been our primary goal which has unfortunately resulted in limiting access to our facilities. We continue to closely monitor the State and Local regulations as well as guidance from the CDC to determine future increased opening of our facilities. Stay tuned to our Eblast for upcoming changes.

There’s also been an economic factor to this pandemic. We’ve experienced a shortfall of approximately $83,000 in rental from outside events. Short falls in other Covid-19 affected areas produce another $18,000 deficit. Additionally, we’ve experienced increased expenses for additional staff requirements, sanitizing materials, outside sanitation services and legal consultations. All in all, we estimate that we’ve incurred added costs of around $36,000 thus far in 2020. It must be remembered that our other fixed expenses like landscaping, insurance, utilities, payroll and benefits remain despite Covid-19.

Why is this important to us? Well, we’re now entering the period of creation of our 2021 budget. How do we project rental income or future pandemic related costs? And how do we make up for the losses of this current year? These are tough concerns facing our Treasurer, Sil Maiorana, and our General Manager, Karen Jones, along with our volunteer Budget Committee.

Somehow we’ll emerge into 2021 stronger, well-funded and well able to face our future. This extraordinary community will continue to be our personal paradise which provides so much contentment and joy for all its residents. Stay safe, stay connected and stay happy!

Mike Greene                                              Sil Maiorana

President, WVA HOA                             Treasurer, WVA HOA

Westbrook Village Association
19281 N. Westbrook Parkway, Peoria, AZ  85382
623-561-0099/Fax 623-566-6186

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