Statement from the Board President:

May I have a drum roll please? At the June 7th Board of Director’s Meeting, Architect Jeff Stephens AIA, NCARB, unveiled a Draft of his Proposal for a Master Plan for the community facilities, including architectural renderings of a possible vision of our future. These drawings detailed many changes that seek to morph our good amenities into great ones. Jeff will present his recommendations for facilities restructuring in considerably more detail this fall so that all homeowners have the opportunity to attend. He will further detail solid reasons why the community and the Board of Directors should support the changes, including the following:

Operational Efficiencies – Achieved with concepts such as a card playing center. This decreases the demand on staff and our equipment. It also will save money on heating and cooling our large ballrooms for small groups.

Relocation and/or Expansion – Several clubs and groups occupy spaces that currently do not suit their needs. ABACUS, our ID Entry Card Swipe System provided strong data outlining real room usage.

Update of Spaces – To meet the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)/ code requirements.

Improved Socialization – Survey results revealed a strong demand for social gathering and conversation areas.

Enhancing Active Lifestyle – Keeping our recreational spaces relevant is judged important to satisfy current homeowners; positioning spaces to attract the next generation homebuyer is key to maintaining robust home sales.

In the last election, the community passed an increase the Capitol Preservation Fee, which is a fee that is due at the time of a home sale to a first time buyer. That improved revenue stream should go a long way toward funding these improvements; other solutions are being examined and will be proposed only if absolutely necessary.

Copies of the Architectural Renderings are available to view on the website, at both Rec Centers and the Administration office. Before the Board votes on advancing of the Architect’s Proposal for a community-wide vote, another Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for this fall. We welcome any constructive input you wish to offer.

Amy L. Miller

President, Westbrook Village Association

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” – John F. Kennedy, State of the Union Address January 11, 1962

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