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The past few months have been challenging and stressful for all of us especially with most of our WBV residents being in the “most vulnerable” status. Our residents have displayed a high level of understanding coupled with continual patience as we have worked our way through the pandemic. Our management team and staff have worked diligently to keep the operation going and now will work through the reopening of our facilities.

Our primary goal continues to be the health and safety of our WBV residents and staff.

As you probably know phase one, the reopening of our pools and spas, took place on May 20. While the reservation system and people limits may seem cumbersome, they are necessary for us to adhere to the State and CDC guidelines for social distancing. It is absolutely essential that we do everything possible to avoid an increase in covid19 cases. We have been so fortunate so far that it would truly be a shame to jeopardize these results with a lack of adherence to the guidelines.

After the successful completion of phase one, we intend to move on to the second step, the reopening of our fitness center and club rooms. Again, this will be a major undertaking and will require the cooperation of all of our Recreation center users. In order to continue our commitment to everyone’s health and safety, restrictions will be required to promote social distancing and the proper cleaning of all exercise machines and craft equipment. Also, part of phase two will be the reopening of the Administration building, initially by appointment only.

Phase three, the restart of our Recreation center classes, and phase four, the resumption of card playing and group events, will follow as we build on our initial successes.

Throughout this four-phase process, we will endeavor to adhere to the CDC and State guidelines to insure everyone’s health and safety while also attempting to treat all residents fairly and equitably. This plan will work well for our community if we are all willing to deal with some restrictions while maintaining a positive and supportive attitude. We will put our efforts and good will to work so we can all enjoy our wonderful community in safety and good health.

Mike Greene
Board President

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